Thursday, May 19, 2011


 I've always loved experimenting in the way I dress.  Ask my mother and she'll tell you I dress eclectic with a vintage flair. I believe everyone has their own little outlet of expressing themselves.  Some with cooking, painting, even auto mechanics, the possibilities are endless and for me that outlet is in the way I dress.  The one thing that can always catch my eye in an item of clothing or complete outfit is  the attention to detail. 
Here is what I wore yesterday..  

Tank: Target, Lace Sweater: UO, Sweater Shall: Anthropologie, Belt: Fossil

On another note it was just recently my birthday last Sunday.  The entire family got together to on Saturday at The Gateway in Salt lake to eat, shop and celebrate! 
We ate at California Pizza Kitchen (tradition for my birthday)
How adorable are my nephews?

Shopping is always so stressful for me lately, and it never should be! I picked out a few things, but the presents I really appreciate are the ones from my parents with deep thought and meaning that I've collected over the years.. 
Heart Locket for when I got back from DC, Diamond ring for my 16th birthday, Necklace charm for my 19th birthday, Pendant for Easter.


  1. Love your posts!!! Remember the engraved bracelet we gave you for your 17th birthday? ah ha, where is that? wow, didn't remember giving you so many thoughtful things, ha haha. Love it!! you are awesome and amazing and I am so glad you are writing a blog!

  2. I left that at home! But I didn't forget about it, that is what counts ;)

  3. That pic of the fam is so, so cute! What a thoughtful family and daughter! I am just loving your blog and your writing!

  4. You are so beautiful my darling. And you ALWAYS dress the best of anyone else in the room. I look up to you - fashion wise :)

  5. the pictures on your blog are great Megan! You are so pretty!

  6. You have a great sense of fashion. Love it!