Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Beginning

I've had a goal for quite some time now to start a blog, and due to a lazy Tuesday where I had nothing better to do I can now officially cross this off the bucket list.
Just to share a little about myself, I am a newly 19 year old college student attending BYU-Idaho.  I've most recently declared myself as a Music Major but have previously aspired entering into the fashion industry and even though my focus is set musically right now, I still design and sew whenever I get the chance.  I am very family oriented and thanks to them I am newly obsessed with running.  The purpose of this blog for me is to share recipes, design, health, trials and tribulations in my life, and all things beautiful!
Like my family.. ;)


  1. very nice beginning, I like it! Keep it up!! Write some uplifting this you experience as well! Love you!

  2. Megan good job. Maybe I will be inspired to write in mine more. You will love going back to see what happened in your life and your thoughts. You are awesome,