Sunday, June 5, 2011

summer sundays..

Today was such a beautiful day! I've come to terms with the fact that we rarely get any warm, summer days up here in rexburg. Fortunately today beat the odds and provided sunshine, warmth, and complete beaming bliss from me! I decided to get somewhat productive, which resulted in..
lots of overdue oil pastels

 My rendition of starry night
 I may or may not have watched tons of spongebob during the process..
This is summer to me, I'm happy as can be.


  1. Oh hahaha, sponge bob!!!! I love your oil pastels, amazing!! You did super fantastic, I am so proud. is that the one you originally started a long time ago? It is sooo good!! I love you so much daughter dear. !!! WE need to frame this!!

  2. Megs - I saw thepicture you "painted" for your parents (I put that in quotes because I can't remember which medium you used) and it's wonderful! I think your rendition of Starry Night is way cooler...and more personal! Can you paint me something sometime? You are one talented lady...I even like the angles you take your much more interesting than my straight-on-everyone-smile pics! Love you!